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Amfable Sogon

8 September 1900
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Clandestine meat separating via mechanical ballyhoo in the hazy blue glow of pre-pre-dawn, it seems, is the pen-ultimate goal of all factions worthy of mention. No one has paid much heed to the meat, mainly the separation and underlying physiological necessities.
absurdism, accidents, addiction, aesthetics, agents, alcohol, alliteration, altered states, ancient machinery, angst, anonymity, apocalypse, art, atmosphere, black and white, bliss, blood clots, bugs, calvinism, canadia, cheese women, chemicals, clandestine operations, cobbling, cognitive dissonance, cogs, conflict, cough syrup, creativity, cultural terrorism, culture hacking, cynicism, dada, death, decadence, decay, decomposition, delicate things, delirium, delirium tremens, depravity, destruction, deviant desires, deviants, dismemberment, dissonance, drunks, dust, eccentricity, ecstacy, enumeration, etymology, everything obscure, exotic diseases, falling down, ferocity, fiends, filth, freelance dictators, fucked up shit, futurism, ghosts, giant snails, gnomes, gutter nymphs, gypsy curses, harsh winter, hedonism, hidden meanings, horror, hyperbole, illogic, internal hemorages, international intrigue, irony, irrational beleif, irrelevance, letters, lists, literature, martyrdom, memoirs, metphor, misanthropy, mischeif, misspelings, modern art, moral imperatives, morality, nano-bots, nausea, noise, nonsense, nothing, obscure literary reference, obscurity, obsession, painting, paranoia, personal pain, petty criminals, phantoms, pneumatic tubes, port wine, postcards, postmodernism, power, rebelion, reptilian brains, rube goldberg, rust, sarcasm, satori, scars, schizophrenia, scorn, screaming machines, secrets, sedition, sepia, serendipity, situationism, solipsism, spontaneity, strange connections, stupor, subjective morality, subversion, succumbing, surrealism, tales of woe, technology, thinking, time, tinctures, trains, typewriters, vibrating, visions, water damage, wine, writing, wrongness