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There are few musical talents today that have rivaled the life and protracted battle and that can match the struggle of the band: Psychomimetic They started from a non-place, somewhere that no one really thought a world renowned power noise act could ever come from. It was a sleepy little town, full of hicks and hippies, both drawn to large trees. MC Misogyny and Zephyr formed an early friendship and hatred for their surroundings. This hatred fueled a lifelong quest to make music that others despised, but could not get away from. The idea of trapping their audience and punishing that same audience for liking their music fueled week long bouts of conversation and drug use. Of course, during that time, the predominance of buddhism, appathy and pauperism conspired to make sure that there were no recordings of the blossoming musical talent. The musical prodigy known as MC Misogyny hailed from a small, beleaguered family. His father was a minister who made him go door to door with the beloved tale of Juses to tell... and a fake broken leg, which his father would heal at every door, via miracle (it started occurring to little MC that the miracles came with equally horribly curses: each time his leg would be healed, God would rend it unusable again just before the next house). Once at home, Misogyny tended his moribund mother (Hymen) and water-headed sister (Simplex) and the happy, but pathetic, dog (tripod) to the best of his ability. One day, the young MC discovered his father giving the holy sacrament (as he called it) to a woman that was not MC's mother. It was underneath the alter at the makeshift church/trailer that his father had set up and begun using as a ministry. The woman (lets call her a girl, really) was singing the praise of Jesus and clutching the collection plate to her bosom. At this, little MC (who was only 15) decided that his life was pious and righteous. More-so than his family, and he collected his wire, his knobs, his aspersions and trekked off into the wild paisley yonder to cast his mark upon the world in a project called Psychomimetic.

This is what my music does.

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Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet interesting and engaging.. Keep up the awesome work!

I think you might be. But maybe you're one of those newer robots that have feelings and appreciate art, romance, human companionship.... perhaps a robot that has evolved beyond viagra ads and pop-ups and into more philosophical areas. Where does the mind stop and reality intrude? Are we all just the sum of our parts, in your case the sum of your bits and photons and we, fallible and destined to ail, the sum of our protons, neutrons and electrons? Is this fantastic and weird subatomic notion of the irreconcilable nature of matter and energy what defines individual will? Is it, the observation which collapses the quantum states, what makes consciousness "real?" Or are robots like you just as likely to feel compassion and a sense of soul?

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